oh wow, it's the Code IV

I never actually finished this, but still had it lying around. When someone asked for it I finally decided to just upload it because why not lol.

Keep in mind that this is very much unfinished, very much broken and very much old. It doesn't even have an ending.

I believe the last minecraft version I was working in was 1.8.3. So you might want to try it in that minecraft version if you want to have a look at it.I tried playing it in the latest minecraft version and that was already not working at all.

Cheats are enabled, so you can change your gamemode when everything is broken, but you can get pretty far without cheating.

Awesome™ World download

Hey everyone, I waited way too long with this. But you can now download the world from the awesome™ server. I'm not sure what version this is for. And I'm not sure if it even works at all. But if you click the download button you should get a zipped world with all the command blocks and scoreboards in it.

The Resource pack can be downloaded here.

ZeGame in Minecraft


I've been working on this map for a year and it's finally finished! I also made a game from it. Wait no I didn't say that right. I've been working on the game for one year and I also made a map from it.

More info about ZeGame and download links
over here.

To download just the resource pack, click here.

More info about Minecraft Realms here.

Pudding Monsters


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, what makes you think that it's not even in the sky. It's pudding, silly. Slide pudding around and bring them together like one big family, either in minecraft or on your phone.

Minecraft Markup Language on github

CBP by WubbiConcepts



Guys listen up yo I've got something to tell ya, this game over here is called Solitaire, and I recreated it in minecraft.
You know how microsoft bought mojang. Well I don't think they did that because they wanted to make solitaire look better than before, but I still wanted to make a video that has something to do with this 2.5 billion deal. So, here it is... Solitaire in Minecraft.

Here are some links:
Redit post by /u/EnochWallace

MapIt! Filter by Texelelf

Image to map



Do you remember what you did before you knew about minecraft? Well I certainly do. I played silly flash games, like bloxorz. But now that we have minecraft I want to play both games simultaneously. So I recreated the game in minecraft.

Play the original game

Logstoneables channel

Ultimate Tic Tac Toe


Yep, It's tic tac toe in minecraft. Oops correction: 'Ultimate' tic tac toe.
It's pretty much the same, except it's 9 times as big and has a s**tload of extra rules and stuff.

You can play the online version here on bejofo.net/ttt

PS Yes I know you can bundle your resource pack with the map, but it's a multiplayer map so you'll play it on a server anyway.

Music at the end is Cipher by Kevin MacLeod)

Full credits because I'm a nice guy:
"Cipher" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Mario in minecraft


Here's a (almost) perfect replica of level 1 from Super Mario Bros in Minecraft. I'm using Resource packs and custom models. When you press F5 this is a perfect side scroller. When you do happen to walk forwards or backwards you will be teleported back.

2048 in minecraft


I decided to make this in minecraft. That's all :)

Where am I


This time I decided to recreate the game 'where am I?'
A game by Mark J. Hadley, the creator of slender.
To play the official game, click here.