Hi my name is Jesper the End.
I make youtube videos and minecraft maps.


Are you dutch?

Please answer my question?
You can always post a comment on one of my videos or send me a tweet. I read all of them :)

What's the difference between a map and a video?
In the top menu you can see 'maps' and 'videos'. Maps are minecraft world files that took a lot of time and effort to make. That's why I usually only made a trailer for the map, and not an explanation video. Videos usually also contain maps, but the time and effort is rather put in the video than the map itself. They usually take about a week or two to make.

Why do you tweet pictures of cats?
Usually when I tweet something about my youtube stats, I feel like people are not interested in my stats and they don't want to see it. So to make it up to you, I post a picture of a cat. Because let's by honest, who doesn't want to see a cat?

Why are there so few questions in the FAQ?
I just made this site and I didn't really finish this page yet.

Why are there still so few questions in the FAQ?
Idk man, not many people ask me things

Can you add more questions to the FAQ?
Sure, what questions do you have?