the Code

the Code is a minecraft puzzle map. In it you need to solve a puzzle to get a code, every solution is in the form of a code. If you rename paper to that code using an anvil, then throw the paper in a hopper, a new room will open. There are 30 puzzles. These are not just regular puzzles, I've made entirely new puzzles or I used some old concepts and combined them with new concepts.It's got a beautiful look using the new quartz blocks. But you'll have to look at the video and screenshots to see that.The quartz is not the only 1.5-piece that's in this map. It also contains a scoreboard, renamed commandblocks, a light sensor, comparators, trapped chests, visible name tags above mobs, the redstone block, renamed chests, more scoreboards, hoppers and much more.

Thanks to BB089 for making the music, check out his bandcamp.

Slow internet connection? Here are some screenshots

Let's plays
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